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Under the heading Genealogy, you will find lots of research which I have undertaken over the last 50 years. I have amassed over 30,000 names on our family lines, going back as far as the late 1600s on the main ones, and almost there on others. It was slow, tedious work for many years but having access to those records over the internet today has made it so much easier and a thrill in connecting with interested relatives. My research on a whole, is mostly in England and Wales, where I have become somewhat of an expert in British records, using census, parish registers and Wills, located in many respositories in England. I have done a little research in County Cork and County Down, Ireland.

Under the Genealogy link, you will also find alphabetized lists of surnames and families on my tree, with links to their information. My notes, which includes detailed sources of my research, are not included as the files are too large, but I am happy to share that information.

I am conducting a One Name Study of my single name Goodby, and I am a registered member of the Guild of One Name Studies in England. I have devoted a page to this study on this website. I am at a brick wall with my Goodby research, which leaves me in Birmingham in the 1720s. Research back from that timeframe becomes more or less a guessing game, and relationships are very difficult to prove. However, I do have quite a large database of the Goodby's all over the world, and as it is such an unusual surname, I am confident I can place any Goodby on my tree 99% of the time! Check out the famous ones!!

Origin of Surnames has been an interesting research to find out how the many surnames on my lines have developed over the centuries and how many changes they have gone through. I just thought it might be fun to put some on this page.

Old Photos and Family Photos are of course photos of interest. On the Favourite Places you will find just a few anecdotes of places I love to visit in England, and some of the places I use on the web on a daily basis.

The Occupations page is a collection of some of the jobs or occupations that my ancestors have had through the ages. They are only listed once, but many ancestors held the same jobs or occupations over the years.

The Credits page contains some of the names of those relatives who, in the past ten years, have added to my research with information on their descendents who have connected into my various lines.

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